There's a reason food has an expiration date.

The Keery twins, two siblings who run a recently-opened breakfast cereal cafe in London, showed their true love for cereal when they ignored logic and health to eat a trio of cereals that are way past their expiration dates.

They opened up and said "ahhh" for The Incredibles cereal that expired in 2005, Bret 'The Hitman' Hart's honey almond corn flakes from 2001 and Barbie cereal from 1989.

(Note: the duo use the phrase "go off" quite a bit. That's just European-speak for "go bad." We just had to tell you so your confusion with British parlance ends at "quid.")

The Incredibles was okay, but things go south from there because the smell from Hart's cereal is matched by its vile taste. The showstopper, though, is Barbie. It doesn't take the brothers long to start retching (one even does it on the other's head) and realize they made a horrendous error digging in.

The verdict? One brother calls their experiment "instant diarrhea," which is about as opposite a ringing endorsement as you can get. Expired food is a no-no -- just remember that when you debate using that two-day-old milk for whatever your favorite cereal may be.

This is pretty entertaining, but it's even more so because the room they're in is awesome. Take a look at the legion of long-forgotten cereals behind them. Everything from Mr. T to Gremlins to KISS to E.T. is in there, which just proves that while breakfast is the most important meal of the day, there was a time when it was also the most fun.

The twins aren't the first to try their luck eating retro cereal, though. Check out these earlier efforts by one brave soul:

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