A promotion is probably not coming this guy's way anytime soon.

This man is sleeping at his desk with his eyes open. It's creepy.

His co-workers are certainly amused, although maybe they shouldn't be, since he's clearly shirking his responsibilities.

Sleeping Beauty here reportedly downs a ton of energy drinks and doesn't usually crash, but it looks like when he does he'll crash wherever whenever (although his eyelids staying open indicates they're not ready to give up the fight against rest).

If we were playing Family Feud, we would guess "sleeping on the job" as the number one answer if the question was "What's the worst thing you can be caught doing at work?" So, maybe he knew that's a bad career move and trained his eyes to stay open while he got some shuteye R&R in the hopes of fooling his colleagues. Makes you wonder if he's conscious whenever there's a meeting.

But, if he's the type of guy who can manipulate his body and mind like this, who knows what he can do with the Peterson account? So, you know what, his boss ought to give him a raise for pulling this off.