It's like they always say: don't throw a brick at a car window if you aren't wearing headgear.

A man in Ireland has won unwanted worldwide fame after he was caught on camera throwing a brick at a Mercedes shortly after he was spotted tossing small rocks at it. Small problem: the brick ricocheted off the window and hit him on the noggin, knocking him unconscious.

Guess you could say he's thick as a brick.

The car's owner, a man who owns a bar near where he parked, later found the man in the street and says the goon tried to blackmail him into paying for a taxi. The car owner called police who arrested the man and are continuing to investigate the matter.

It's just further proof that crime doesn't pay. And that sometimes you should go to the gym to lift weights to give yourself more force when throwing a brick in the window and avoid looking like a bozo in about two dozen times zones.

You can see the video in its entirety below: