The battle of the sexes has become the battle of when to have sex.

A new survey of 2,300 people out of Britain by sex toy company Lovehoney has found the time of day men and women most like to have sex. Check your clocks, folks, because the opinions are, quite literally, night and day.

Among men, it's 7:54AM, while women like doing the nasty at 11:21PM.

Hmm, we would've bet the house men's preferred time would be anywhere between midnight and 11:59PM, but who are we to argue science when it says that's not the case?

Anyhoo, this is a striking difference. Men need some booty after waking up and women need it before getting some shuteye.

About 28% of men like sex most between 6AM and 9AM, but only 11% of women feel the same. Meanwhile, 25% of women say the hours between 11PM and 2AM are the most ideal for sex, compared to 16% of men who feel that way.

As in most things involving men and women, may we recommend compromise as a way to keep everyone satisfied? We say sex should take place at the midway point between the times preferred, which means 3:37AM or 3:37PM are the magical times to get freaky.

Agreed? If we can all just get onboard, this could be the greatest thing to happen to couples since therapy.

Happy sexing, everyone.

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