There's nothing worse than seeing an awesome Kickstarter project that you failed to fund. All of the people who chipped in cash get cool bonuses and rewards and you're left with nothing. It can even be hard to buy the finished product once it's done. New online store TinyLightbulbs aims to fix that problem.

After the initial burst of excitement from crowdfunding wears off, innovators can have a hard time selling their products. TinyLightbulbs exists as a marketplace exclusively for crowdfunded products, and some of the stuff on sale is seriously awesome.

Some picks: the SoundJaw makes your iPad 2's audio a hundred times better for thirteen bucks. The Paradox lets you convert your iPod Nano into a functional wristwatch. The main image of this post is the Gripzila - a universal stand that makes hands-free viewing on smart phones, eReaders, iPods and other devices. They also do video reviews of the products so you can see them in action before you buy.

It's a great site that's only going to get better. Now if only we had a cool product to design and sell. Maybe it's time to unveil our prototype for the neck brace that holds an entire six pack of beer.

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