Nothing good happens on the side of a highway. You can thank our friends in China for this important life lesson.

This woman was stretching on the shoulder of a highway when a giant tire that came loose from a truck barreled down the road and knocked her over a railing, causing three fractures and giving us the chance to make the lame joke that this shoulder should more accurately be called a broken shoulder.

Authorities say the woman and the driver of the truck that held the tire are both to blame.

But, back to the important stuff -- nothing good happens on the side of a highway. You're not meeting your soulmate there. You're not finding a million dollars just lying around there. Your website isn't going public while you're reading to the blind there.

If you're on the side of the road, odds are your car broke down, you've got to take a leak (and hopefully nothing more) or you're trying to find the perfect location to dump a body.

So, buckle up and don't get out until you see a sign for a rest stop where the worst thing that can happen is you're forced to pay $4 for a can of Dr Pepper to quench your thirst.