As if you needed another reason not to move to North Dakota, here’s another one for you to add onto your imaginably long list. In this extreme video, a couple of storm chasers sit behind the wheel of the Dominator 2—a vehicle specifically designed for driving close to or nearly into storms and tornadoes—with a video camera and drive as close as possible to a tornado.

Actually they drive straight into it.

Throughout the video they get as close as what looks to be twenty feet from the tornado, watching the objects get thrown around like they were merely pawns on a chessboard. They even go as far to say: “This is as far as we’re going.” But actions speak louder than words. The next scene shows they practically inside the tornado, being unable to see clearly out of any of the windows.

In our opinion, watching this video is probably the closest we ever want to come to seeing an actual tornado. That’s too bad—we were really hoping to relocate to North Dakota sometime soon.

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