Every guy has his own way of keeping his booze ready for consumption. Sophisticated guys may prefer a stylish wet bar, while other less swanky dudes might prefer one of those hats that hold two containers of beer.

Regardless of your inclination, we have found a most unique way to store your alcohol: the Transformer Wine Rack.

No, really. Look:


Originally featured on Craigslist Phoenix, the Transformer Wine Rack stands 6 feet tall and weighs about 1,000 lbs. It's made up of used transmission parts from automobiles and motorcycles. It will hold 32 bottles, depending on what sort of liquor you are slipping into the machine.

The Transformer Wine Rack has been cleansed of all oils, fluids, grime and metal shavings. The rack has been painted a fine gunmetal grey and decorated with LED lights (they celebrate Christmas on Cybertron, too). It's basically as elaborate an alcohol storage vessel/conversation piece as you'll ever have in your living room, unless you start dating Lindsay Lohan.

The Transformer Wine Rack is a one-of-a-kind piece, so if you are down with storing your Optimus Pinot or Megatron Mash, it will cost you $7,000.00 cash.