Baseball fans love baseball movies almost as much as the national pastime itself. Next month at Minnesota's Target Field, they can see both at the ballpark. In conjunction with FOX Sports North, the Minnesota Twins will show the cult classic 'The Sandlot' on the Target Field jumbotron after the May 19 game against the Boston Red Sox.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary with a special edition DVD/Blue Ray release, 'The Sandlot' is as much about the carefree bliss of youth as it is baseball. You can view the film's trailer below. The film's writer/director/narrator, David Mickey Evans, is expected to be at the ballpark for the screening. Considering the way the spring snowfall and cold temperatures have disrupted the Twins' home schedule, Minnesota baseball fans deserve an added bonus with their baseball.

Other than the Durham Bulls minor league team getting 'Bull Durham' inspired racing mascots and the as-yet unveiled Albert Belle bicep-point bobblehead doll, this Twins screening of 'The Sandlot' may be the baseball promotion of the year. We can only hope that there will be free s'mores and that fans will be inspired enough to dress like 'Squints,' 'Benny the Jet' Rodriguez and Ham Porter.