What's a surfer to do when they're trapped in a concrete jungle like, say, New York City and waves are nowhere in sight? These two gnarly dudes come up with the only reasonable alternative -- motorized surfboards.

In a display of skill that's one-half nerves of steel and one-half nuts, these surfers take to New York's mean streets while riding surfboards on wheels. In order to control themselves, they shift their body weight and use small handheld controls to maintain speed.

They nimbly street surf around startled pedestrians, through a flock of pigeons and off stairs. One even snags a hot dog from a vendor while motoring down the street. Hey, it's New York City, after all.

While this stunt is undeniably cool, these wetsuit-wearing guys may want to consider helmets and pads next time. Yes, New York cabbies are nuts, but road rash is no joke either.

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