Only the best and brightest shop at Walmart.

Two women got into a vicious fight at a Beech Grove, Ind., Walmart, while the 6-year-old  son of one of the ladies looked on and even joined in.

The scene was captured on cell phone video (warning: there's NSFW language) by another shopper while a group of customers looked on in disbelief.

According to WTHR:

Police say the argument started between one of the women and a store employee about carts crowding an aisle. When the second woman in the video got involved, police say "it escalated into a fistfight."

Things got nasty between the two women and the boy can be seen and heard yelling. His future looks bright when he shouts things like “You can’t tell me to stop! Do not even tell me what to do!” and "I don’t care! I’m protecting my mom. I don’t play!”

The boy even grabs a bottle of shampoo in an attempt to hit the woman fighting his mom and then kicks her in a scene that will probably do more harm to the stereotype of Walmart shoppers than anything ever will.

No one from Walmart intervened because store policy prohibits employees from doing so. Eventually, police arrived.

One witness may have summed it up best when he said it was "white trash at its finest."

You get the feeling that if these women ever come forward to tell their story it won't be with Barbara Walters or Katie Couric. It'll probably come with Maury.

Take a look at the second video of the confrontation and prepare to shake your head.