Think of the hottest woman you know in real life – now think about her boyfriend or husband. He’s probably not as good-looking as his partner. Sure, there are handsome men in the world, and those guys usually end up with equally as gorgeous spouses, but there are far more attractive women in the world than men. Unattractive men get a ton of tail.

Unattractive, or average, guys usually get the girl (sometimes multiple girls) but why? It’s simple – they’ve got a huge advantage over attractive men when it comes to dating.

Here are four advantages to being an ugly guy and how their unattractiveness lands them women.

  • Women Are Always Caught Off Guard By Ugly Guys


    Women know when they are about to get hit on even before a guy utters a word. A woman will respond by either 1) playing along because she’s interested or 2) putting her guard up because she’s not interested or sometimes 3) slowly palming a canister of mace because some men are just incredibly creepy.

    If a ridiculously attractive woman is approached by a guy with a face like deli-counter roast beef, her guard is immediately down, because she’s positive there is no chance he’s going to hit on her and – POW! -- old lunchmeat lips gets her number.

  • Ugly Guys Don’t Get Profiled


    Eye-pleasing people tend to get judged by those less attractive in the world. Men automatically hate a handsome man, because we’re a competitive gender, and the good-looking guy has an advantage in the situation. Women automatically make assumptions about an attractive dude (he’s probably conceited/a womanizer/gay) based solely on the adorable face his momma gave him.

    Take a long look at an ugly guy in a crowd and the only thought that pops to mind is “man, that guy is ugly” and usually nothing more. Ugly men enter every social or romantic situation with a clean slate.

  • Ugly Guys Are More Well-Rounded People


    The expression “he gets by on his looks” is popular for a reason – good-looking people tend to skate by in life because the world is a lot nicer to attractive people. This puts attractive men at a distinct disadvantage in the world because rarely do they learn to do anything on their own.

    Less attractive guys spend more time learning about the world. Ever see an incredibly attractive biologist? How about a drop dead gorgeous Nobel Prize recipient?  Three out of four guys in every band are ugly. Ugly guys spend less time with personal upkeep – think about how many hours a week handsome men spends trying to stay handsome – and spend more time improving internally.

  • The Ugly Guy Has Nothing to Lose


    Honestly, what’s the worst outcome in any scenario with a woman? She’ll say no. It’s a word an ugly guy has heard his entire life. He tried, failed, and moved on. Attractive guys tend to take any “no” to heart because refusal doesn’t happen very often.

    There are obviously advantages that good-looking men have over unattractive guys but these are four points that prove even ugly dudes can get lucky.

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