Wrestlers popping out from beneath the ring has always been a fun way to shake up the average wrestling match. It's impossible to predict or telegraph this kind of emergence, because so much can go wrong, but there are plenty of ways to use such a device.

Shock, surprising, and hilarious are just a few of the words that come to mind while compiling this list of nine awesome moments involving someone hiding under the ring.

  • The Ultimate Warrior and his trapdoor

    During his brief WCW stint, the Ultimate Warrior would emerge from a trapdoor under the ring to surprise unsuspecting NWO members. It was actually something that happened off camera that made this gimmick so memorable.

    Legend has it that one night during Nitro, Curt Hennig hid under the ring before Warrior arrived and pooped in a bucket for the Warrior to sniff as he waited an entire match to emerge through his trapdoor. The Warrior allegedly puked as the feces proved to be too much for his sense of smell.

  • The Undertaker drags Diesel and Kane to hell

    The Undertaker has always been billed from "Parts Unknown", and it's very possible those parts are located under a WWE ring. On multiple occasions, Taker has ripped through the mat in an effort to drag his foes back to hell with him. It nearly defies physics as he pulls guys far too tall under the ring with him, but it was always a blast to see.

  • The Big Show debuts

    When The Big Show made the jump from WCW to WWE, his first appearance for the company was at the St. Valentine's Day Massacre PPV during a match featuring Steve Austin against Vince McMahon.

    In an attempt to save Vince, The Big Show tore through the ring, and tossed Austin into the cage. While this was meant to injure Stone Cold, the force busted the cage open, and Austin fell to the ground for the victory. Not the greatest debut in WWE history but still fun to watch.

  • The Bella Twins switch-a-roo

    Nikki and Brie Bella have always been about "Twin Magic" -- their way of capitalizing on the fact that they are identical twins. In the beginning, these ladies would hide under the ring until it was time to do the switch, but it later evolved into just hanging out at ringside.

  • The Boogeyman pulls Shawn Michaels under the ring

    Hiding under the ring doesn't always lead to serious swerves, as De-Generation X and The Boogeyman prove with this in-ring skit. Triple H and Shawn Michaels were in a frighteningly scary place during this period of WWE programming.

  • Kane takes a page out of Undertaker's playbook

    Being the "brother" of the most terrifying wrestler in WWE history has its benefits. Kane learned a thing or two from his kayfabe older brother, The Undertaker, tearing through the ring in an attempt to pull Zack Ryder down into the unknown.

  • Hornswoggle wins the Cruiserweight Title

    Vince McMahon went out of his way to make a mockery of WCW long after his purchase of the company. In this instance, he gave the most prestigious junior heavyweight championship in wrestling history, WCW's Cruiserweight title, to WWE's resident leprechaun Hornswoggle.

    Hiding under the ring was Hornswoggle's gimmick and he worked that into the title win here.

  • Edge screws John Cena out of the WWE Title

    In 2006, the 'One Night Stand' PPV was the last great night in ECW history, even though it was technically a WWE show.

    That night, Rob Van Dam defeated John Cena for the WWE championship, and it was all because Edge was hiding under the ring, waiting to deliver the spear to John Cena.

  • Multiple Doinks arrive at WrestleMania IX

    There have been many men behind the makeup of Doink in WWE history. The majority of the time it's because the original Doink had back-ups hiding under the ring. At WrestleMania IX, before WWE banned multiple Doinks, Crush fell victim to the cloned clown trick.

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