"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." You know the expression. And now this poor defenseless car knows it, too.

This woman in China was so mad that her husband cheated on her that she decided to hit him where it hurts all men the most -- his car.

She takes a brick to the windshield. Okay, we get that. She's mad. It makes sense. What really scares us, though, is how she peels the window off with her bare, bloody hands. That's the move of the crazy chick in every Lifetime movie in which an unbalanced woman off her meds feels slighted.

The woman then takes the brick to smash the driver's side window. The hubby gets out of the car, at which point the wife smacks him in the face while a crowd looks on firsthand while discovering nothing on Netflix, Hulu or any other internet platform can be more entertaining than real life.