Today's crush--Valerie Azlynn--is a new addition to the "crush" family, which is fantastic, because it means that we haven't covered every beautiful woman in the world. We thought we were getting close though.

Ever since making the two-and-a-half hour drive from Connecticut to New York City in order to make it as an actress, the now 31-year-old talent has been all over our boob tube. We've been fortunate to see her pretty mug and talented abilities on shows like 'Two and a Half Men' (before Kutcher The Butcher), 'CSI: NY,' 'How I Met Your Mother,' 'Rules of Engagement' and 'iCarly,' and in films like 'Tropic Thunder,' 'Hancock' and 'Bewitched.'

Yet, dues-paying aside, it's finally come time for this crush to toss her one-time TV characters to the wayside and step into a starring role. Valerie's now stars as Melanie Sutton on TBS's 'Sullivan & Son, along side comedian Steve Byrne.

In 2013, Valerie will play the part of Val in the film 'Playdate.' So keep on the look out. Until then, check out 'Sullivan & Son' and gawk at her beauty... but not over your keyboard. That's messy.

Want to see more of her? Sure you do.

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