Ex-NFL quarterback Vince Young borrowed more than a million dollars during the 2011 lockout, including $300,000 to throw his own birthday party, his former financial adviser said in a videotaped court deposition last month.

Ronnie Peoples, president and CEO of Peoples Financial Service Inc. in Raleigh, N.C., said he arranged for the loan from New York-based Pro Player Funding LLC when he found out that Young had already paid for the extravagant birthday party.

"I think we still would have been OK to go ahead and survive until the next season, but he had a birthday event coming up that he paid 300 and some thousand dollars for," Peoples testified.

Pro Player Funding LLC won a judgment against Young in July for a balance of $1.7 million on a $1.9 million loan. Young is challenging the judgment. His attorney, Trey Dolezal, disputed Peoples' account as inaccurate.

Young has also filed a lawsuit in Houston against Peoples and his former agent, Major Adams, claiming the men misappropriated $5.5 million. Young filed another suit in New York against Pro Player, claiming they are a predatory lender and accusing the company of harassment.

Though the former Titans, Eagles and Bills quarterback received $26 million in guaranteed money from his 2006 contract, Young has had financial trouble since 2011.