And now for something completely ridiculous.

Have you ever asked yourself, "Self, what would happen if I put a brick inside a washing machine that was on a trampoline and turned it on?" No, you haven't? Well, that's just plain weird because that's a question every little boy has wondered, second only to "What do those feel like to touch?" when looking at certain part of the female anatomy.

While we cannot help you with the woman question, we can shed some light on the washing machine one, thanks to somebody with way too much time on his hands who did indeed a put a brick in a washing machine that's on a trampoline.

No surprises here: the trampoline gets ripped up, while the washer spins maniacally like Linda Blair in The Exorcist before it finally falls onto the ground, putting an end to the mystery and causing us to pray someone will try this with a dishwasher.