The battle of the sexes has taken kind of an ugly turn.

A new hashtag on Twitter in which women describe ways to waste a man's time called #wastehistime2016 has taken off. It's basically a cruel way of leading a man on before crushing his soul in a way no single person ever wants to endure. Considering a major theme of teen movies is the presence of deceptive or vicious characters (Cruel Intentions, She's All That, Never Been Kissed, to name but a few), perhaps the real surprise is that it's taken this long for these kind of Mean Girls (hey, there's another one) to pop up online.

And while the hashtag has caught fire, not everyone is amused by it. Yes, there are actually some people on the internet exhibiting moral fiber and decency (who knew you could find that online?).

Where do you stand on this issue? Is this all in good fun or are these women the worst thing since Eve got Adam kicked out of Eden?