The crew of Epic Meal Time make the manliest sandwich ever with the help of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his M47 Patton tank.

In this very special episode of the famed online cooking show, Epic Meal Time, Harley Morenstein and the crew hook up with action film legend and former Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger to craft the Steak and Egger Sandwich. Get it? Schwarzenegger? Steak-and-Egger? Yeah, wordplay is fun.

The Steak and Egger Sandwich is supposed to be the best way to get a whole lot of protein into your body after working out so you can build upon those puny, little muscles. And who better to lead us in the charge towards larger muscles than Arnold?

First they take a mess-load of gigantic ostrich eggs, with each one packing 150 grams of protein, and start cooking them on Arnold's M47 Patton tank. Can you think of a manlier cooking surface than a tank owned by Ah-nold? We couldn't either.

Of course they add some bacon to the proceedings, as well as a whole lot of steak and some rather large buns. The best parts of the video feature some back-and-forth between Arnold and Harley, during which Arnold drops a bunch of one-liners and Harley kind of just stares in awe of this legendary action hero.

Watch the video above to see how these men craft the Steak and Egger Sandwich. Then look on in both horror and amazement as they devour the incredible culinary affront to nature that they've just created.

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