Your fear of clowns is not going to get better anytime soon.

Adult Swim is the evil party responsible for this video, which features clowns doing various things, whether it be playing death metal, marching in slow motion en masse against a black backdrop, floating in the air or a whole host of other scenarios that we're not totally sure how to explain.

It's head-shaking, terrifying and psychedelic, a trio that is designed to ruin people and leave them shaking like a little girl in the cold rain. Seriously, we dare you to make it through all 11 minutes of this without quivering by the end.

Fear of clowns -- known as coulrophobia -- is going to skyrocket like the price of a hot stock because of this. It makes It look like a children's story. Maybe we need to start profiling clowns and ship them out of the country because they're tearing us apart.

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