There are sharp shooters and then there are razor sharp shooters.

In a display of 3-point shooting accuracy that makes Stephen Curry look like Helen Keller, Laurie Koehn sank a mind-boggling 132 of 135 triples in a five-minute span.

Five minutes! That’s longer than the time it took to realize the last ‘Die Hard’ was going to be a major disappointment.

Koehn used to play for the Kansas State women’s basketball team and left school as the NCAA’s all-time leader in trifectas made among women. She went on to play in the WNBA, spending last season with the Atlanta Dream.

"I've made 127 threes in a row before and I've been over 100 in a row numerous times," Kohen said. "The thing that was unique about that drill is I've never tried to do it with speed before. When I've done it before, I'd be in a rhythm. This drill takes away your rhythm and fatigues your arms a lot more than you would think."

Koehn tried nailing as many three-point shots as possible in a five-minute stretch a couple times before, but she struggled to only hit 115 and then 118 before she made like Stella and got her groove back by netting 132.

Koehn, who says she’s nailed 100 three point shots in a row several times before, doesn’t plan to play in the WNBA this season, although she’s eyeing the possibility of playing in Australia, which is really just America’s way of repaying the good people Down Under for giving us the music of Men at Work.

You're welcome.

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