Have you ever passed someone in a sports car, watched them rev the engine like a pompous jerk and find yourself thinking something maybe a bit off-color about them? Well, this video shows what we all wish would happen to that guy. In this case, the driver is behind the wheel of a Lamborghini, a yellow one. Yeah… a yellow Lamborghini. We know what you’re thinking and we agree.

The start to the video is pretty mellow, seeing the Lamborghini at the traffic light, revving its engine and letting everyone around him know he owns the road. But then the driver turns left and hilarity ensues…

You can tell that the ones taping it are pretty happy with the result, as are most of the people watching it we’re sure considering it’s comments and having well over 8 million hits on YouTube.

As if a ‘your welcome’ came down from up above the driver of the Lamborghini loses control on the road and gently crashes, finding himself neatly tucked in between two cars. And just like any of us would have done in that situation the ones taping it turn around. Not to help the Lamborghini driver but to see the results.

Who wouldn’t want to see the look on his face? None of us would miss the opportunity to thank out favorite deity for giving us that moment. We all see guys like this around but rarely do we get to see something as well deserving as what happens in this video.

Man, we are such jerks.

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