The folks at Eight O'Clock Coffee have a rigorous process for maintaining quality control. Central to it is a "cupping" room, in which testers sip their java and then spit it out like one does during a wine tasting.

Comedian Jim Breuer and his good friend Kobayashi (who knew?) were invited into this cupping room to see how it all worked. But Kobayashi, a competitive eating legend, just couldn't grasp the concept of spitting something out once it entered into his legendary mouth. So he drank all eighteen cups of coffee that had been put out to test. He was just getting started.

After he attacked the coffee that was still in the pot, he was up to forty-two servings. Then Kobayashi started devouring the beans.

In conjunction with the video, Breuer did a AMA on Reddit. While he told his internet audience that Kobayashi was great to work with, he didn't address the question that you are probably wondering right now -- did Kobayashi really drink 42 plus cups of actual coffee? Even assuming it was a decaffeinated blend, our calculations would suggest he would still be up for at least the next three days because that's how long he'd be stuck on the toilet.

For his next trick, we'd like to see Kobayashi visit the Guinness factory. Stay tuned.

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