Kobayashi is probably the most famous competitive eater in the world, but the digestive dynamo did not get to participate in the Fourth of July Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest thanks to a feud with Major League Eating.

Instead of pouting in the corner about how he wouldn't be able to face his former hot dog-eating rival Joey Chestnut, who by the way won this year's competition, Kobayashi took to Brooklyn to partake in the first annual Crif Dog Classic.

Watch our favorite 34-year-old food enthusiast devour way more hot dogs in a 10-minute period than nature intended him to.

The Crif Dog Classic is apparently still working out its inaugural kinks because it remains unclear if Kobayashi downed 58.5 or 68.5 hot dogs on Independence Day. (We attempted to count ourselves, but the steady parade of wet franks started to make us gag.)

The difference between the two figures is substantial, because over in Coney Island at the Nathan's competition, Mr. Chestnut devoured 68 dogs in 10 minutes. So, for know, the world is in the precarious position of not knowing who the true glutton king is.

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