A sports blogger is extending into video by embarking on a series of documentaries designed to allow viewers to imagine what it's like "Being…" various sports competitors. The first documentary subject: Takeru Kobayashi. 'Being Takeru Kobayashi' was recorded during Kobayashi' record-setting day at Wing Bowl XX in Philadelphia earlier this month.

Brian Bassett, who blogs about the New York Jets, followed around Kobayashi and, er, digested all the behind-the-scenes happenings that occurred prior to the competitive eater's Wing Bowl win. With boozed-up fans and busty, barely-clothed women roaming around Wing Bowl, Bassett was able to chronicle this orgy of food, booze, boobs and sports fans along with the preparations Kobayashi goes through prior to an eating competiton.

Check out this sneak peek:

We sincerely hope that this all-access footage doesn't include Kobayashi hitting the bathroom after the event. Some things should remain shrouded in mystery (and plenty of nice, soft bathroom tissue).

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