Mark Paul Gosselaar, best known as Zack Morris from 'Saved by the Bell,' appears in this YouTube video as Street Fighter's Ryu, who's been told to keep his speech more politically correct while fighting.

The clip is from Pete Holmes and features the famed master of the Hadouken sitting down at a desk to discuss the kind of language he'll be using while fighting in the tournament. He's asked to run through each of the catchphrases that accompany his special moves, just to see if they're able to air it on television.

At first, everything sounds alright since he's just calling out a lot of the special moves that he performs, like the "hadouken" fireball or the "shoryuken" uppercut. But things get a little more complicated when he recites what he says when he's performing his famous Hurricane Kick. It's such a complicated utterance that he can't even say it the same way every time. At one point, he's asked to spell it, but he only comes up with "T-S-O-!-B-Q..."

The guy representing Standards and Practices thinks that it sounds like, "Attack the fruity kid." Of course, this won't fly, so he offers Ryu some alternatives that have been pre-approved. Unfortunately, none of the examples he offered have the same kind of bite as what Ryu originally said, because "my spinny kick will kick you and hurt a lot" doesn't really do a lot to intimidate.

Watch the video above and laugh at how Gosselaar portrays the famous world warrior.