Early January will provide the long awaited National Championship tussle between the Lord's team Notre Dame and Alabama. A month off gives players the chance to get arrested, cheerleaders the chance to get pregnant, and fans the opportunity to make themselves look like morons.

At this point, former ND quarterback Jimmy Clausen would classify as a fan. This is the same kid who, as a high school senior, rolled up in a limo for his college announcement. Clausen had one season starting with the Carolina Panthers in which his passer rating never topped the speed capacity of a jet ski. Now he’s riding the bench behind Cam Newton.

Clausen is in the news again as a result of a photo of an idiotic shirt he tweeted out to his followers. In 1988, underdog ND beat #1 Miami in a game fans dubbed "Catholics vs. Convicts" but this time around the cheap shot is much more blue collar. Cousins. Get it? Because everyone from Alabama marries a relative. Oh, it's just a good-natured rib that the 1950's bigot in all of us can appreciate! The tweet has since been taken down.

All this hatred coming from fans of a Catholic institution? Didn't Jesus preach not to look down on others?

In this instance, we really wonder, WWJD? Probably buy one shirt in a medium and twelve others as XMas gifts for his friends.

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