Apple pie and chicken soup are great when they're homemade. An airplane? Not so much.

A Kenyan man named Gabriel Nderitu built a plane all by himself and guess what? It didn't fly. Yes, yes, we know. It's hard to believe that in a nation where it seems like everyone runs, a man could possibly fail to construct his own working aircraft. Nderitu may very well be Kenyan for "fail" because this marked the 13th time he's tried to go airborne in his own plane and the 13th time he didn't.

Nderitu has been building planes "with knowledge acquired from the internet," which makes it even more surprising he can't succeed because the internet never ever ever passes on false information.

Possibly the only thing worse than the fact he failed yet again is that he failed while a large group of people looked on and laughed. His plane went up a ramp and quickly went right back down to the ground for a trip that lasted shorter than the flight time of most paper airplanes.

Nderitu isn't ready to give up yet. He plans to take a break before he dives back in on his 14th plane, proving that even though none of his aircraft are there, his head is most definitely in the clouds.