Tattoos are becoming more common among women. Unfortunately for those tatted up ladies, it's the number one turn-off for men, according to new research.

In a new poll, 37% of men listed tattoos as their biggest turn-off on the opposite sex, with more than three quarters of men ranking body art among their top five pet peeves.

Women are fairly apathetic about tattoos on men, with only 13% of females considering them to be a major passion killer. Instead, beards are identified by women as the least attractive attribute of their sexual partners, with a third of those questioned voting hairy faces into the top spot.

Bad breath came second on the lists of both men and women, with 27% of women and 28% of men identifying stink breath as their chief objection. Smoking also ranked high on the turn-off list with both genders.

The research was conducted by an electronic cigarette retailer who interviewed 500 people about what they find the least attractive in the opposite sex.We'll assume "smoking electronic cigarettes" was voted the biggest turn-off by 100% of those polled.


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