You may not want to be involved with someone who works in banking. And you can take that to the bank.

Victoria Milan, a dating website for married people, recently polled nearly 5,700 women who have cheated or are cheating on their partners right now to find out which professions are the most likely to stray.

The survey questioned 5,658 women who have or are currently cheating on their partners. Of the cheaters, they found that 65% of unfaithful women admitted to cheating at work (and, yes, let's reiterate that it's merely female respondents).

Those who work in the financial sector are most prone to unzip for someone they're not married to or dating.

Professions Most Likely to Cheat

  1. Financial (Bankers, brokers, analysts, etc.)
  2. Aviation (Pilots, flight attendants, flight pursers, etc.)
  3. Healthcare (Doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, etc.)
  4. Business (CEOs, managers, secretaries, etc.)
  5. Sports (Athletes, instructors, representatives, etc.)
  6. Arts (Musicians, models, actors, photographers, etc.)
  7. Nightlife Industry (DJs, dancers, waiters, etc.)
  8. Communication (Journalists, public relations, communicators, etc.)
  9. Legal (Lawyers, secretaries, prosecutors, judges, etc.)
  10. Other sectors

Further, 65% of these women say they fool around with someone from work.

About 70% say they know these liaisons can end badly, but only 10% are worried for their careers, which means they must believe in putting pleasure before business.

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