Ever wonder what would your favorite Victoria’s Secret model would look like if she were fat? Yeah, us either. If you're one of the few that has then you're in luck -- it's now technologically possible to plumpen up our favorite females.

Thanks to a new time suck called FatBooth (available for iPhone and Android), anyone can see what would happen if he or she packed on 100 pounds. Of course, the real fun is seeing the results when others pack on 100 pounds as well.

The folks at Fora (where you can see all of the fat model pics) thought it would be a good idea to fatten up those ridiculously gorgeous Victoria’s Secret models to see if that would make the rest of us feel better. And, really, it doesn’t.

We have to warn you, the pictures of Alessandra Ambrosio and Candace Swaenpol you are about to see may scar you mentally for at least 2-3 minutes, but just count backwards from ten and remember these are fake. Even though they are still kind of hot.

Alessandra Ambrosio FatBoothed
Adriana Lima FatBoothed

[via Fora]