Internet meme elitists may consider jokes about Chuck Norris' toughness as passé, but 'World or Warcraft' developer Blizzard's marketing team clearly believes the 71-year-old action star is as relevant today as he was back when 'The Delta Force' was released. (Let's just pretend the movie 'Sidekicks' never happened, OK?)

The latest commercial for the popular MMORPG features Norris' digital likeness roundhouse kicking all in his path. And we love it.

Considering Blizzard's diverse roster of 'WoW' commercial alums, we wondered which celebs actually plays 'World of Warcraft.' Can we really believe that Ozzy Osbourne can figure out gameplay or that Jean-Claude Van Damme does anything but workout all day? William Shatner is a 'WoW' player? Are you out of your Vulcan mind? It feels like some of these celebs just took an easy paycheck.

Watch the commercials below then vote in the poll for the celebrity you think doesn't really play 'World of Warcraft.'



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