You don't usually need a good excuse to have a nice glass of heavenly whiskey, but now you have one.

Whiskey can do so many things: calm your nerves after a long day, make a three look like an eight-and-a-half, turn a misdemeanor into a felony. Now, it can also calm a bothersome sore throat.

Greatist reports that just "a small amount" of the sweet brown nectar and some warm water can "soothe" your sore throat, though it can't cure it. Adding a teaspoon of honey to the mix can coat your throat and help the soothing effects of the whiskey last a little longer. Also, this will only work if you gargle it. Drinking it by the bottle may help you forget you have a sore throat, but it won't make it go away.

And believe it or not, whiskey can also make an effective breath freshener, even though most people who drink it regularly and in large amounts can smell like a distillery. That's because only a "small" amount will kill the bacteria that causes your stinky breath. So don't think that this is finally the perfect excuse to tell your wife why you should have a whiskey bong in your bathroom.

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