If you think T-Mobile girl Carly Foulkes looks great in a magenta dress, you should see her in lingerie.

Unless you DVR everything you watch and skip the commercials, you have seen stunning brunette beauty Carly Foulkes pitching cell phones while wearing hot pink in ads for T-Mobile. Foulkes' ads for the cell service carrier have helped build the T-Mobile brand. See for yourself:

There are plenty of Carly Foulkes fans out there who would probably get a T-Mobile tattoo to get MyTouch-ed by her. We don't blame them.

Carly Foulkes bra

Outside of the T-Mobile ads Foulkes, 23, is a Canadian-born model and actress. She has been cast in the role of 'Retro Girl' in the upcoming FX TV series 'Powers,' which is based on an Image/Marvel comics character. The series has yet to be given an air date.

Foulkes told an interviewer that she is also an avid gamer and loves to skateboard. Hot, tech-savvy, comics, video gaming and skateboarding? That pretty much makes her a goddess of the entire geek world. She's a perfect meta-crush for the 'The Big Bang Theory.'


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