The babe in the Buffalo Wild Wings 'Slo Mo' commercial is the woman of your dreams, simply because she makes them come true.

When the wing-eating sports nuts manage to stop stuffing their faces long enough to say they wish the NCAA tourney would last longer, their sexy waitress grabs a remote and obliges them. She hits the slow motion button, effectively lengthening their enjoyment of the hoops.

Notice her rack, tucked perfectly in that yellow tee. Ha! Like we had to tell you to notice. So who is this amazing woman with the power to make sports last longer?

She's Samantha Rae Sergeant, a veteran of several TV commercials who is living out in Los Angeles. She's been in shampoo commercials, a TGIFridays spot and a Burger King commercial. She likes fast food, it seems.

She's on Twitter, so be sure and follow her hotness here. She also paints, since she recently Instagrammed a photo of something she created. Hot and artsy? We'll take her.

Buffalo Wild Wings
Samantha Rae Sergeant

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