Tostito's Cantina chips and salsa are apparently so enticing and delicious that they can turn a young couple's apartment into a Mexican restaurant during the dinner rush. The babe does not seem psyched about having to refill bowls of chips for the people at table 5, AKA the ottoman, but she takes it in stride.

So who is this hot and tolerant chick?

Her name is Lyndsey Doolen and she's a veteran of TV commercials and TV shows. She's a Texas native and an L.A. transplant.

She studies improv and likes imported beer; we love a girl who we can toss one back with. Judging from her bio -- don't groan, it's short, so you can get through it in like a minute -- she is also really funny. Did we mention she's super hot?

Check out her website for more drool-worthy pics.