Let's get one thing straight here: the hottie in this commercial for the 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan, set to a bumpin' rap track by Chamillionaire called 'Ridin' Dirty,' is not a "girl." She's a MILF, and there is no shame in that. She's a hot mama who commandeers the flashy, tricked out ride of her daughter's boyfriend, forcing them to go out in her trusty, sensible VW Tiguan.

It's not often that a mother outshines her teen daughter in a clip like this, but that's just what happens here. Mom has swagger.

We know you are dying to find out who she is. Ease up, we were getting to it.

She's actress Bridgett Newton, who has had roles on TV shows such as 'Justified' and 'House,' as well as 'The OC' and 'Parenthood.'

She also has a bit part in the upcoming blockbuster 'Man of Steel.'