In this Geico ad, Maxwell the pig is so obliviously innocent that he might as well be played by Will Ferrell character. He is on a date with a hot, sheepish redhead who, despite her quiet nature, seems ready to pounce on Maxwell, but he's too dumb to figure it out.

He uses the Geico app to call a tow truck, since his car is on the fritz. Instead of using their waiting time wisely as they sit in the middle of nowhere, Maxwell wants to play Fruit Ninja on his phone. What a d-bag!

Who is this hot girl who sadly and shockingly strikes out with swine?

She is the lovely and talented Jennifer Marsala, who has also appeared in several Snickers ads, and appeared on the now-defunct Fox crime drama 'Lie to Me.'

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Jennifer Marsala Pics
Jennifer Marsala

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