Downing some Wild Turkey is a right of passage for some men (and only legal if you are 21, man). Wild Turkey's latest ad campaign attempts to show that it's a good idea to give a complete, thug-looking stranger the bird, especially on the rocks.

After watching the Wild Turkey commercial, aside from longing for a drink of the fine Kentucky bourbon, you may be asking yourself, 'Who is the hot girl in the Wild Turkey 'Give 'Em The Bird' Commercial? Answer: the beautiful Christine Vaughn.

You can see Christine Vaughn in the Wild Turkey 'Give 'Em The Bird' Commercial at the 0:03 mark of the video below:

In the commercial, a Wilson brother-ish bartender serves up a cocktail to Christine Vaughn, who strolls away from the bar. As she exits, a bald man wearing a leather jacket and an expression like that of a pit bull chewing on a wasp walks into the bar and sits down. An older barkeep tells the bartender to "give 'em the bird," which we're pretty sure would get him punched right in the face. Ah, but what the barkeep means is to pour the thug a Wild Turkey on the rocks, which he does, much to the delight of the mean-looking guy.

Nice commercial, but we'd rather see more of Christine Vaughn.

More than slightly resembling Olivia Wilde, Christine Vaughn, 27, is a professional, full-time model and SAG/AFTRA actress (those are industry acronyms, not adjectives). A resident of Glendale, California, Vaughn is also a personal trainer.

Looking for modeling and acting opportunities that show off her athletic abilities, Vaughn is versed in soccer, horseback riding, surfing, snow skiing, basketball, rock climbing and wake boarding.

Sheesh — just typing all that tired us out. Bartender — give us The Bird...and more of Christine Vaughn.

Christine Vaughn
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