If you've seen the KFC "Vlog" commercial, then chances are you've noticed the two hottie mchot-hots who tell us all about the Famous Bowl and Pot Pies. But who's the hottie on the left?

The lovely, raven-haired girl who exclaims her love for KFC's chicken is Aurora Adachi-Winter. She's an actress, singer, dancer and self-proclaimed "Harry Potter obsessor." A look at her IMDB profile doesn't list too many roles, but she's recently starred in the series 'Roomies' as Terry, in the 2013 episode, "Waterbugs." In 2014, she'll be Jogging Girl 1 in 'The Origins of Wit and Humor.'

She's also a founding member of Chicago's Definition Theatre Company, meaning that she knows how to get the job done. This cutie's definitely one to watch and we look forward to seeing her a lot more in the months and years to come.

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