Oh, is the babbling, drooling infant in this 2013 Volkswagen Jetta 'Safety Baby' commercial cute? We were too busy looking at the redheaded mom carting him around.

The ad highlights the safety features of the VW Jetta and the terror of seeing your life flash before your eyes in that "airbag moment," when you experience extreme relief after you realized you've avoided an accident.

Who is the hot mama who avoids certain death, thanks to her sensible car?

She's Ashlyn Bishop, a comedic actress from South Carolina who really nails the whole  hot-and-nerdy thing. It's the glasses; it makes these brainy babes feel that much more accessible to us dorks.

Bishop also has the whole half-hour-sitcom-hottie thing down pat; we'd love to see her on the boob tube every Thursday night. Rather, we'd love to see her boobs on the tube on a weekly basis.

In the meantime, her official site is here.