In the M&M's 'Anything for Love' commercial, the lovelorn red M&M is totally whipped. He is seen carrying his woman's bags while she shops. He paints her toenails. He lets her put a wig on him. He damn near lets her bake him into the dessert she is making -- He's completely emasculated. But with good reason.

He plays piano and laments their love while singing Meat Loaf's 'I Would Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)' and we understand why he's pretty much left his balls in a bell jar. It's because his chick is so hot she could literally melt his rotund, chocolate body, so she's worth all the BS he has to put up with as her boyfriend.

Who is this scorpion woman, to quote Ron Burgundy? She looks familiar, right?

Well, if you are just as whipped as this M&M and are forced to watch 'Glee' by the girl you are dating, then you'll recognize her as actress Naya Rivera.

If you don't watch, here's all you need to know: She plays the lesbian cheerleader Santana on the show. Now you want to tune in to the musical TV drama that's aimed at teens, right? That's reason enough.

However, if you can't man up and take the 'Glee' plunge, enjoy this assortment of Naya Rivera photos.

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