The girl in this Slimful commercial offers tips on how to lose weight by noshing on a low calorie meal replacement bar, which she suggests you wash down with a glass of water. Zzzzz. Pass the nachos. Don't get us wrong, we do admire a girl who is health-conscious, but nachos are so delicious.

Diets are boring, and we don't want to encourage women obsessing over their bodies at all, because that's boring too. We'll admit it, though: the babe peddling this "food" is pretty hot. So who is she?

Well, they sort of gave it away in the commercial itself when they scream, "Slimful with Kelly Pendygraft," so, yeah, she's Kelly Pendygraft. She's an actress who has been on 'The Young and the Restless' and in  'Elizabethtown,' a Cameron Crowe movie with Kirsten Dunst.

Pendygraft has a movie called 'Jake Squared' coming out soon. Sadly, her Twitter tells us that she's off the market and has recently gotten hitched; bummer. We still like looking at her, though.

She's also been in Exxon, Massage Envy and Xfinity commercial spots, so keep your eyes peeled.

Kelly Pendygraft