If you're 6 years old, this is going to make you laugh like you've never laughed before.

In proof that science clearly has nothing else left to figure out in this world (like, you know, Ebola), this video gets to the soiled bottom of why exactly we like the smell of our own farts.

Much like trying to figure out why you've been ripping gas after enjoying a 12-course meal at an Indian restaurant, the reason is pretty simple: it turns out we prefer scents we're familiar with. Considering you're always around to sniff the odorlicious stench coming from your keester when you break wind, you're certainly familiar with your brand and, by extension, prone to enjoy it. Why fart-scented Lysol isn't a thing yet, then, is beyond us. We "smell" a winning idea.

There's also the fact that when we fart, we know what's coming, so we're not surprised, as opposed to how we are not expecting it when, say, our boss comes over to ask us a question and leaves us with an olfactory reminder he was there.

Now, let's just hope these researchers can get back to other pressing matters, like proving that whoever smelt it did indeed deal it.