Never has the expression "timing is everything" been so on the money.

Here's the backstory. The anchor in this clip throws it to the reporter on location near a St. Patrick's Day pub crawl by mentioning how a streaker's antics the year before led to some new laws. She tosses it to him with what seemed like an innocuous question: "Everyone keeping their clothes on so far?"

You see where this is going, don't you?

Not even three seconds later, a woman walks by and shows off her chest. It's the blooper to end all bloopers. Don't worry -- the chest is blurred out, so you're not seeing anything you shouldn't.

This wardrobe malfunction is exactly what was not supposed to happen, so perhaps it's time for the politicians to assemble once again and put their collective heads together to see how they can avoid something like this from happening again.

In lieu of that, we're pretty stoked to tune in to the news next St. Patrick's Day.

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