This prank is cold. Ice cold. ISIS cold.

This Egyptian television show upped the ante for pranks when it duped a horrified actress named Heba Magdi into thinking ISIS abducted her.

She finds herself in a room with armed, masked and scary-as-all-get-out men and is reduced to the same blubbering pile of tears that we all would be if we found ourselves in the same situation where we're envisioning our imminent death that would make us the lead story on every news program around the world.

And while we can't understand a word of what's being said, the language barrier doesn't inhibit us from knowing she thinks her life is in the balance. There's also shouting and gunshots to A) add some authenticity to the stunt and, more importantly, B) completely push her over the edge to the point she will need therapy and sleep about as solidly as someone trying to fend off Freddy Krueger.

Eventually, she's let in on the joke, while one of her tormentors poses with a selfie stick because if there's a moment you want to memorialize with the most vain thing you can do it's right after you pretend to be a psychotic jihadist. Total hilarity, right?