A kiss is just a kiss, right? No way.

Comedian Farrah Brook decided to play a little experiment in which she tried to kiss total strangers in New York City's Grand Central after she walked up to them and asked for directions.

Most people are stunned and shun her advance. We say most because, yes, there is one who's all like, "Whatever, I'll just stick my tongue down her throat." Imagine if this was his first day in New York City. He's got dreams of making it big in the city that never sleeps and the first thing he experiences is a woman just throwing herself at him. The Big Apple is clearly better than he ever dreamed and his family back home on the farm in Iowa will be lucky if he ever comes home for Thanksgiving ever again.

The prank is pretty funny, but we think Brook could've upped the ante a little bit by walking up to strangers for kisses in New York City's Port Authority. If you've been there, you know the people hanging around aren't exactly the type you'll see in a Calvin Klein casting session.

Maybe next time, right?

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