He only went out with her because he figured he could get blade.

In a NSFW video that we can't truly figure out if it's real or not, an unidentified woman held a knife to her equally unidentified boyfriend's throat while he told other women -- or "hoes," as he so eloquently calls them -- to leave his Instagram page alone because it's wreaking havoc on the beautiful flower of love that's blooming in their relationship.

Cray cray, right?

The audio is a bit hard to understand -- much like his decision to stick with this future Lorena Bobbitt -- so we have a transcript for you

Woman: Say it. I said say it.
Man: You hoes need to stop commenting on my Instagram pictures you are f****** up our relationship.'
Woman: And? (She slaps him)
Man: And me and Riley are in love y'all. Hoes don't matter.
Woman: Right.

The important thing to take away from this is that this relationship is clearly on equal footing. She threatens to kill him and he's totally okay doing whatever it takes to prevent that.