This woman has a talent you may not have known existed.

Kim Anami is a 36-year-old sex and relationship coach who practices the art of weightlifting with her vagina.

The Canadian native says anyone who does it enjoys the best sex of their lives, so in addition to looking good, the exercise will have you feeling good, too. Anami touts a slew of other health benefits that the doctor in this video backs up (side note: being a doctor in a YouTube video about the positive aspect of vaginal weightlifting actually seems like it might be one rung down from a doctor appearing in an infomercial about some shady anti-aging drug).

The whole unorthodox exercise is made possible by a piece of jade stone carved into a stone. Anami's so convinced it will work that she even gave one of her friends a stone and told her what to do with it, which doesn't seem like something a man would do. We'd bet the phrase, "Hey, Carl, here's a penis ring. Let me show what to do with it," has never been uttered by a dude.

Anami, who refers to her workout by the excellent name "vaginal kung fu," has taken weightlifting to the next level, too, choosing to lift fruit and surfboards, in addition to the garden variety weights most women traditionally use when working out their hoo-has.

Wanna see more of Anami? Of course you do. Check out some of her Instagram pics below.