We doubt Donald and Hillary will come out swinging like this when they debate.

A man who returned to a salon requesting a refund for what he considered a bad haircut got resistance from an unlikely source: a woman getting her hair done in the establishment who got in his face. Like, really got in his face.

The woman is irate, claiming the man's language is offensive and demanding he leave. She then ups the crazy a notch by telling him to stop hitting her, even though he's clearly doing no such thing. Not done, she begins shrieking in an octave reserved for 14-year-old girls who are seeing Taylor Swift live and complains her rib hurts, to which astonishes the guy exclaims, "You slammed into me. My hands were up in the air."

The duo exchange some more (NSFW) words as he exits the store, with her calling him a maniac, as her husband stands by, not really doing anything to diffuse the situation.

It's an odd encounter to say the least. They say the customer is always right, but when it's customer versus customer one person is going to be wrong and in this case it's the woman who's about as stable as a house of cards.